Leaving Las Vegas

“Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are”

Genesis 13:14


Well, just like yesterday, I’m going to start off today’s thoughts with a memory from my childhood.  I must be feeling nostalgic lately.  Either that, or I’m living proof that much of what we learn in our childhood stays with us forever…


So…. I got to thinking recently, about a little song I learned in church ~ maybe you know it too.

“Oh be careful, little eyes, what you see

Oh be careful, little eyes, what you see

For the Father up above is looking down in love

Oh be careful little eyes, what you see”

And then there’s a verse about being careful what you hear, and maybe what you say, too.  I can’t quite remember…


Anyhow, I thought about this song while we were on vacation a few weeks ago.  You know why?  ‘Cause we had to drive through Las Vegas.


I hate driving through Vegas.  Of course, I hate going to Vegas even more, but that I have some control over.  We just don’t go there.  But every few years we have to drive past it to get to where we’re going, and every time we do, all I can think of is how there’s nowhere to focus my eyes.



The last time we were in Las Vegas was about eight years ago, on December 30th.  We saw The Lion King onstage with some friends.  Wonderful show, of course.  We’d seen it once before that, at the Pantages Theater, in Hollywood.  But it’s the kind of show you want to see more than once.



Anyhow, the next day ~ December 31st ~ we walked from our hotel to a restaurant for a spectacular breakfast we’d read about, and the walk, though only a block or so, was hard.  I didn’t want to raise my eyes too much, because so many of the billboards had images on them that I thought were too inappropriate to look at.



And I didn’t want to look down, because the ground was papered with fliers and brochures and advertisements, that I also wasn’t comfortable with.



And I didn’t want to look straight ahead, because the streets were crowded with people arriving for the New Year’s Eve revelry, and frankly, I did not want to make eye contact with anyone.


Some days, it’s really hard to keep our eyes and our thoughts focused on Him.

Other days, it’s pert’  near impossible.


~ “we do not look at the things which are seen,

but at the things which are not seen.

For the things which are seen are temporary,

but the things which are not seen are eternal.” ~

2 Corinthians 4:18


2 responses to “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. I remember that song! It had lots of verses:

    1. Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see…
    2. Oh, be careful, little ears, what you hear…
    3. Oh, be careful, little feet, where you go…
    4. Oh, be careful, little hands, what you do…
    5. Oh, be careful, little mouth, what you say…

    And 2 Corinthians 4:18 is a good verse to end your post with.

    This morning I woke up with an old chorus based on 1 Peter 5:7 in my heart, and it would apply to passing through Las Vegas as well:

    I cast all my care upon You;
    I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet;
    And any time I don’t know what to do,
    I cast all my care upon You.

    My mother used to say, “You can’t keep the birds from flying overhead, but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair.”


    • lol… you are a fount of knowledge, as usual! I had no idea there were that many verses to that little ditty! And I’m gonna hang on to that wise saying of your mother’s for awhile!


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