Great Expectations

“You go, therefore, and read”

Jeremiah 36:6


The heat continued today, but it feels less hot that it was last week.  Saturday and Sunday were surprisingly humid, too.  At least for Southern California.  We had a bit of thunder and lightning, and some drizzle, too.  A wonderful change from the mostly-relentless cloudless sky of Summer.

We are redoing the floor in the master bedroom, finally.  We bought the flooring back in April, because that’s when it was on sale.  But we couldn’t do anything until the busyness of May was over.  In June we redid the kids’ rooms, and in July we were on vacation and then visiting with in-town family, so we got nothing much accomplished.  But that’s okay; it was by design.

So here’s August, and we’re back in the flooring business.  The heat’s got us moving a bit slowly, but as of last night we got all the prep work done.  Tonight we’ll start laying the wood. 

My other goal for the week is trying to crank up my reading pace a little bit.   Things are going to get busy again next month, and I’ve got to get as much reading done as I can before then.  Some reading for prep for teaching my kids, and some for Bible study, and of course as much pleasure reading as I can. 

I recently finished reading a book that is one of my daughter’s favorites.  I probably wouldn’t have read it otherwise; I prefer non-fiction.  But I’m reading it because I like to share my kids’ interests, and it’s fun to be able to discuss it with her.

And there were a couple of interesting quotes in the book, that I mentioned to her when she asked how I’m enjoying it.  One was a character saying to another, “Great turmoil always accompanies great change.”  Isn’t that so true?  The past several months have included a few substantial changes in my life, so that sentence really rang true to me.  Birth, death, new jobs, weddings, divorces… all are accompanied by a great deal of upheaval in our lives, no matter whether the change is a good one or a bad one.  And the bigger a thing God is doing in us, the more we’re going to notice it in our daily lives.

The other thing I read in that book was advice, from one character to another, about fear or anxiety.  He said, “You must empty yourself of all fears and worries, save the one thought that is your armor.”  Now, this book has nothing to do with God.  At least, He is never mentioned.  No one in the book prays; no one seems to show any faith at all.  And yet, for me, God is in it.  He was definitely in that quote.  It took me right to Paul’s words in Philippians 4:  “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things… and the peace of God will be with you.”

I love finding God in unexpected places.  Well, I shouldn’t say “unexpected,” really.  I find Him because I expect to ~ hence the name of this humble blog.  A friend of mine once said to me, “All ground is sacred ground to Christians.”  By the same token, I believe that almost every book can teach me a lesson from God, and almost every song can be a worship song. 

I love that He’s everywhere I turn.  I pray the same for you.


~ “Where can I go from Your Spirit?

     Or where can I flee from Your presence?” ~

Psalm 139:7


2 responses to “Great Expectations

  1. Old Dr. Bob Jones Sr., the founder of, yes, Bob Jones University, once said, “To the Christian, there is no difference in the sacred and the secular. All ground is holy ground. Every bush is a burning bush.” I have never forgotten it.


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