And a leash, countless times

“every kind of object”

Revelation 18:12

A hairbrush.

A sock.

A shoe.

A slipper.

A dirty paper towel.

A brown paper bag.

A roll of masking tape.

A work glove.

A pencil.

A stuffed animal.

A pair of earbuds.

A pine cone.

A shoelace.

A baseball cap.

A water bottle.

A pair of underwear.

A cardboard box.

Miscellaneous pieces of unidentifiable trash .

A small bag of my collection of needlepoint needles.


We have a new puppy.  She’s a sweet, cheerful and inquisitive little girl.  And that is a list of things that we have pulled out of her mouth in the past few weeks.  The other day I thought to myself how truly impossible it is to “puppy-proof” {or baby-proof, for that matter} a house.  We think we have it clean.  We think we have things up out of her reach.  We think we are making progress in teaching her where she’s allowed and where she’s not.  But she finds other things we forgot about, or didn’t realize were available.  There are just too many things that are important to us, and too many things that are dangerous for her.  We can’t think of them all.

photo 1

The trick is not in puppy-proofing the house.  The trick is in knowing where she is, and what she is doing, at all times.  Then we can move in swiftly to stop her before she does damage to something, or hurts herself.  We are close to her at all times, thinking about her even when we’re doing something else.  And we’re quick to intervene.  She needs us. 

And I’m grateful to my heavenly Father that His eye is on me, and that He promises to answer my prayers to “lead me not into temptation, and deliver me from evil.”  I need Him.

~ “The beloved of the Lord

   shall dwell in safety by Him

Who shelters him all the day long;

    And he shall dwell between His shoulders.” ~

Deuteronomy 33:12


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