One part sheep, one part shepherd

“All we like sheep…”

Isaiah 53:6


Another warm day today.  Very, very warm…. Kids and I had to run some errands at an open-air mall near us, and even though we got there as soon as it opened, it was pretty uncomfortable.  The A/C in the car felt wonderful.  Only bad part was, we were headed home, where I’m afraid to use the A/C because the power’s gone out four times in the past two weeks…

And I had a nice conversation with a friend I ran into.  We’ve only had a facebook and email contact for the last couple of years, but we used to have a friendship that was very important to each other.  We lifted one another through hard times, and prayed together, and sought counsel from each other.  We each knew there was a place to go for support and wisdom and the sharing of burdens.  Our lives have pulled us away from each other quite a bit, but we both have fond memories of that sweet closeness.


I am not a person with a lot of close friends.  I’m fairly introverted, and don’t always enjoy interacting with others.  As a friend of mine once said, “If it’s true that no man is an island, then it’s equally true that some seek to be peninsulas.”  That’s me.

But I am also gratefully aware that there is no need to walk alone.   Each of us should be, by God’s design, both a sheep and a shepherd.  There is joy and blessing in both roles.  When I look in the mirror, I see a sheep, but that’s not all God wants from me. 

Most of us incline one way or the other ~ feeling more like a leader than a follower, or vice versa.  But that’s not completing us. If you are in a position of counselor or prayer warrior for someone else, then maybe you need to seek out shepherding.  If you aren’t being taught, you need to seek out teaching.  And by the same token, if you’re being cared for and loved by someone, then you need to be showing His love to someone else.   Love and be loved.


~ “He made His own people to go forth like sheep,

And guided them in the wilderness like a flock” ~

Psalm 78:52


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