Hand to Hand

“I will spread out my hands to the Lord”

Exodus 9:29


So I went to Bible study this morning, but I didn’t study the Bible.  At least, not in the traditional sense.  I helped out in one of the children’s classrooms today, so I was learning with ~ and from ~ them.  Romans chapter 1, same as their moms are studying. 

The class is made up of 1st through 6th graders ~ quite a variety.  But it’s fun that way.  Interesting.   And before class started, and a few of the siblings were still in the room while their moms were talking, one of the littlies made an impression on me.  There was a little girl ~ maybe two years old? ~ sitting on a table, helping to put beads in color-coordinated cups.  But she was putting some of them in the wrong places, so I bent down to give her a little guidance and work on her colors with her. 

But as soon as I bent down, she reacted by turning toward me, and putting both her arms up in the air.  The international symbol for “Pick me up”. 

Also “touchdown”, but that wasn’t the case here.

That hand motion is unmistakeable.  Instinctual.  Nobody taught her that.  And I started thinking about the other things we do with our hands, and how meaningful that can be.   The way we fold them or put them together in prayer or meditation.  Which maybe is learned, but maybe not.  There’s something sort of logical about it that makes me think people would do it even if they weren’t taught to by parents or Sunday School teachers. 

Or the “open hands” position.  It says “fill me,” or maybe “more”.  But there’s a humility about it somehow.  “I have not, and I’d like to have.”  Sort of a willingness to say, “I need.”  

Or how about the way people hold their hands when they worship.  Up, maybe, or out.  Maybe waving a little, maybe pointing to Him.  It’s an offering.  It’s an acknowledgement of His worth, and that the worship is for Him.

It was a nice bit of meditating for me today, because my thoughts wandered to Jesus, and the hand motions I can picture Him making.  Reaching out, touching, healing, holding… maybe emphasizing His words as He taught.  And of course, the position of His hands when He sacrificed His life for us.  I have peace and I have gratitude.   

photo credit: Hannah Harris Fine Art


~ “Thus I will bless You while I live;

I will lift up my hands in Your name” ~

Psalm 63:4


photo credit: Hannah Harris Fine Art

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