Are You Listening?

“He has risen, just as He said.”

Matthew 28:6

The words “He has risen” are surely the most joyful and holy words in the Bible.  In these words lie the essence of our faith, our hope, and our joy.  This simple truth can both calm in times of trouble, and excite one in the realization of the power of our mighty God.

But I take additional joy in the words, “just as He said.”  There is such power in that simple phrase!  Jesus Christ is the Word, from the beginning.   He is the Word that was with God, and the Word that was God.  That is what He said.  And it is, just as He said.

Everything He said, is just as He said.  All the prophecies He said, spoken through the prophets of the Old Testament, are just as He said.  All things that He says are to come, that He revealed in the Book of Revelation, will indeed be, just as He said.

My faith, my hope, my joy – my promise – rest in the Word.  In the written Word, in the risen Word.  Just as He said.


~ “wait for the Promise of the Father,

‘which,’ He said, ‘you have heard from Me.'” ~

Acts 1:4


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