Why I Loved September

“It was the ninth month”

Ezra 10:9


Ahhh…. September.  I love the month of September, as a rule.  Every year.  During the hot, wilting months of summer, September is my goal.  It is my hope, and as soon as it arrives, I feel like I made it.  I survived summer. 

Which is kinda crazy, actually, ’cause September doesn’t make a whole lotta difference as far as weather is concerned.  As I speak to you, it’s early October, and in the 90s here.  Southern California weather just doesn’t play by the rules, ya know? 


Nevertheless, September brings with it hope.  And hope, I adore. 

I also love September because it brings back routine and predictability.  Don’t get me wrong; I love the relaxed days of summer, but I also love routine, so I’m excited for it to bring order to my days.

And of course, September brings Autumn, which I love.  The sights and sounds ~ some of which are imaginary for me, based on my area of the world.

September is other notable things for me, too.  Like the birthday of the Apple of my Eye ~ a chance to celebrate my best friend and most reliable confidant.  Non-judgmental, patient, giving and very often selfless, I can rest in who he is.  Not perfect, no, but always true to who God has made him to be.


September is school starting up again.  My daughter is a Senior this year, and my son a Freshman.  Hard-working, sincere in their efforts, my kids make me proud of what they accomplish in their education. 

September is Bible study starting up again.  That is somewhat new and different for me, as I am attending the same study (Community Bible Study) but at a new location.  Same great, in-depth study of His Word, but new friends with whom to study it. 

September was not one, but two long-term power outages.  The power company works in vain to try to keep up with everyone’s A/C demands, or a transformer blows, or whatever happens, and we find ourselves sitting in the dark, fanning each other while we play board games.  Not an entirely pleasant experience in the heat, but fun memories nonetheless.

September was also a visit from an out-of-town friend that I haven’t seen in months.  Sitting and chatting and marveling over what God has done and is doing.  Encouragement and understanding are sweet gifts from a friend, aren’t they?

September was math questions and weekly schedules… pumpkin muffins and cooler mornings… It was organization and sharpened pencils and highlighters and new folders.  It was youth hockey games and finally the chance to see the 2014 Dodgers on TV. 


Best of all, September was a few bold trees daring to dress in the colors of Autumn, determined to be different from their Southern California, green-all-year brethren.


Despite the heat, I look back at September gratefully, because I am abundantly blessed.


~ “He turned to them and said,

‘Blessed are the eyes which see

the things you see'” ~

Luke 10:23


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