A Place of Comfort and Joy

“reserved in heaven for you”

1 Peter 1:4



So a couple weeks ago, I was in Colorado, at a lovely, peaceful retreat center.  I was there to meet with a team ~ that I am now on ~ of writers for a project for Bible study.  They are all women, of a variety of ages, from various places in the country.  There was laughter and learning and new friendships as we divided up into teams to tackle different areas of the project.

The retreat center was fairly small, and lovely.  We each had our own room, each with a king-sized bed, and a fluffy quilt and other charming accessories.  There was a private bath, and a lovely, old-fashioned desk in the corner of the room, with pigeonholes and a small lamp.  It was warm and cozy and welcoming.

We had a meeting room, and a small kitchen for all of us to share, but at mealtimes we went through a door, down a long hallway and up a flight of stairs to the dining room where we had one delicious meal after another. 

But on the way to the dining room there was another small room.  A library.  A couple of chairs, and several shelves of books, which we were welcome to read right there in the library, or take to our room to enjoy.  I saw that, and I thought to myself, “Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any more enchanting!”

Fortunately, we had some free time over the course of the week, and I was able to enjoy that wonderful, thoughtful addition to the retreat center.  And it made me think of the last retreat location I visited, in the mountains of Southern California.  It’s a vacation house owned by a friend of mine, but because they bought it with retreats in mind, it sleeps 27.  Beautifully equipped, welcoming, comfortable… and with a set of bookshelves in one of the living areas.

I think it’s such a testament to the proprietors of a place like that, when you feel so at ease, so at home, that you want to act like you do in your own home, including snuggling on the couch under a blanket reading happily, or enjoying a cool drink on the deck or patio. 

And again I find myself thinking joyfully about the place that Jesus has prepared for each of us, in heaven with Him.  We can only imagine.  And it’s so much fun to do!


~ “Fear God and give glory to Him…

and worship Him who made heaven and earth” ~

Revelation 14:7


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