Your Mind Made Up Yet?

“neither cold nor hot”

Revelation 3:15



Another thought about elections… and eternity.

You know what amazes me, as I watch the conversations on tv about the upcoming elections?  The word I keep hearing used by candidates and pollsters and journalists as they try to predict the outcomes of various campaigns… the word “undecided”.

The word is often used as a noun, to describe those people who do not yet know who they’ll be voting for, and can I just say ~ I can’t believe these people still exist, a week before Election Day.  

What are they waiting for??

I suppose there are two types of “undecideds”:  those who haven’t been paying enough attention to know which people or which issues (like statewide propositions) they agree with; and those who know what different candidates stand for, but don’t yet know what they themselves stand for.

But time is running out. 

Revelation chapter 3 has something to say about those who are undecided.  They are called “lukewarm” in that chapter.  The words are written to the church at Laodicea ~ a word which is just plain fun to say… But Jesus warns them of the danger of being lukewarm.  “I could wish you were cold or hot” and “because you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”

Lukewarm is an interesting concept, isn’t it?  My dictionary says it’s something that’s only moderately warm when it should be hot.  Jesus, on the other hand, makes it seem like even cold would be preferable to warm, when hot is the ideal.  Think about coffee, which is drunk both hot and iced, but no one wants to drink it in the in-between stage. 

Voters in the United States know what the deadline is for voting.  But none of us knows how long we have before Christ returns.  Do the research.  Read your Bible, people!  Know the facts, and know where you stand.


~ “He who has an ear,

let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” ~

Revelation 3:22


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