In darkness. Except where it’s light.

“the things which are seen”

Hebrews 11:3



So we got to church just a hair-bit late last Sunday.  That meant we weren’t able to sit in the seats we normally sit in.  Yeah, we’re those people, the ones who sit in pretty much the same seats every week.  The seats we like have been carefully chosen for good lighting, and a view out the window, cuz I’ll feel claustrophobic if I can’t see some sky and trees!  🙂

So the seats we sat in this past Sunday had dimmer light, and I was having a little trouble reading my Bible.  I have reading glasses at home, but normally we sit where the light is fine, so I hadn’t brought them.  I mean, I could still read the words, but it was making my eyes work too hard, and I’ve been a little predisposed to headaches lately, so I didn’t want to stress my eyes too much. 

So I made a motion to my son, next to me, to let me borrow his iProduct, which has a flashlight app, and I used that to help me.  And it made just enough of a difference. 

The weird thing was, though, that since the extra light wasn’t necessary, only helpful, there were a few times when I realized that I wasn’t moving the flashlight to correspond with where my eyes were.  I’d shine it on a passage I was reading, but as my eyes moved down the page, I’d get caught up in what I was reading, and following along with the pastor, and then I’d realize that my eyes were having to work a little harder, and that the flashlight was still shining up there.

If there’s anything sillier than having no light, it’s having light, and not actually using it to my advantage.  He is our Light.  If you’re in darkness, maybe it’s your own fault.




~ “Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying,

‘I am the light of the world.

He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness,

but have the light of life.'” ~

John 8:12


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