On Veterans Day

“you must endure hardship as a good soldier…”

2 Timothy 2:3


It’s Veterans Day today, one of my favorite days of the year, although it feels kind of weird to say that about what is, in many ways, a somber day.  In many countries it’s known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, or even Poppy Day as a day on which the ending of World War I is honored.  So it’s hard to think of this day without thinking of that war, and the many that died.


Several years ago my family visited the National World War I museum in Kansas City, Missouri, and I haven’t been able to look at the Great War the same way since.  Bomb craters and poppies.  That’s what I think of.

Missouri (531)

Missouri (496)

Missouri (526)

But in the U.S., in 1954, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, and in contrast to our Memorial Day, when we honor the fallen, Veterans Day is a day on which we honor all who serve or have served.


And that’s what I love about it.  Because I find myself thinking about the many people I know who have served ~ my father, a couple uncles and great-uncles, a few cousins, and several friends.  And since all these people are ~ thankfully ~ still living, I get to appreciate them in person, or email them or send them thanks via facebook.  So that’s nice.


The other thing I love about Veterans Day is that I find myself thinking about the families of veterans, too.  I’ve known a few women, over the past twenty years, whose husbands have been deployed, and I’ve seen what a sacrifice it can be for the whole family.  Veterans Day makes me appreciate a lot of people.


Fortunately, a person can’t run out of thankfulness.


~ “when you offer a sacrifice

   of thanksgiving to the Lord,

        offer it of your own free will.” ~

Leviticus 22:29


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