A Look at Revelation

“a throne set in heaven,

and One sat on the throne”

Revelation 4:2



I’ve been having a little fun lately, doing a word study in the Bible.  I love doing word studies, I think because it indulges my curiosity.  Sometimes it answers a question I’ve got about something in Scripture.  Other times it doesn’t answer any questions at all, it just allows me to revel in one particular aspect of God’s Word.  Meditating, in a way.

This came up one morning, when I was driving, after having spent some time reading Revelation.  I was in a lovely area about 15 minutes from my house where there’s a fair amount of green space, and because the weather was nice I had my sunroof open and I was enjoying the blue sky and the clouds.  And I started thinking about God and nature.  His creation is so evident in Revelation.  I looked through the book and in a very unscientific study, here’s what I found. 

The book of Revelation includes:

2 mentions of Rainbows

5 mentions of Thunder and Lightning

7 mentions of Horses

17 mentions of “Creatures”

6 mentions of Earthquakes

6 mentions of the Sun

3 mentions of the Moon

4 mentions of Stars

1 mention of the Sky, in general

3 mentions of Mountains

2 mentions of Islands

1 mention of the Wind

17 mentions of Fire

3 mentions of Hail

5 mentions of the Sea

3 mentions of Rivers or Springs

1 mention of Rain

2 mentions of Clouds

I love the reminder that nature belongs to God.  That He has control over everything… every aspect of nature.  Every leaf, every blade of grass, every drop of water.  He has storehouses of snow, and hail reserved for battles.  He can command lightning to strike, and He can hold back the seas and rivers.  Awesome.

I love nature.  I love rocks and plants and trees and butterflies and birds… But remembering that they all belong to Him makes creation that much more miraculous.




~ “You are worthy, O Lord,

To receive glory and honor and power;

for You created all things,

And by Your will they exist and were created.” ~

Revelation 4:11


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