Thoughts the day after…

“peace, goodwill…”

Luke 2:14



The last few days have been a whirlwind of family, friends, wrapping, baking, travel, and overall busyness.  There has been a great deal of laughter and joy, as I hope there has been for you. 

But there have also been difficult moments.  Difficult days.  Frustration or irritations with people or situations… You know how it is.  Even ordinary days don’t generally go exactly as we plan, much less the days we work and plan over, like Christmas and the days surrounding it. 

And I think it was on those difficult days that I was so aware of what it meant that Jesus came to earth.  I would find myself stressed or anxious about plans or schedules, and I would remind myself that that’s not how I should be.  That’s not how a follower of Christ should be.  Not for long, anyhow. 

Christ came as our Redeemer.  Our Deliverer.  He came so that through Him, we could have eternal life. 

But He also offers us peace.  And joy.  And faith.  He came, not only for the big reason ~ salvation ~ but for the “little” ones.  Like getting through the day.  And finding the good in situations we think are only in our lives to push us over the edge. 

I hope your Christmas was perfect.  Currier and Ives… Comfort and Joy… Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.  But if not, I hope you know that He is with you.  Emmanuel.  And that He not only died for you, He lived for you.  That knowledge should impact our every day, not just our holidays.  And if you forgot that a few times, that’s okay ~ you’ll do better tomorrow.


~ “Glory to God in the highest,

And on earth

peace, goodwill toward men!” ~

Luke 2:14


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