If you’re coming over to my house, you might want to BYOB

“that I may drink”

Exodus 17:2



Yesterday was kind of a hard day.  Very busy, and many of the things on my to-do list were fraught with emotion ~ some good, some bad, but by the end of the day, all exhausting.  I was concentrating and anxious, then relieved… then apprehensive, then uncomfortable, then relieved again… then sleepy, then upset, then relieved all over again.  See?  Exhausting. 

Now, somewhere in the midst of this day, probably some time after lunch, I appear to have suffered from a bit of ADD.  I had iced tea with my lunch, and when I took care of my dishes and my lunch fixings, I accidentally put the iced tea jug in the cupboard where the glasses go. 

I know; we’ve all done it.  But here’s the thing:  one of my kids noticed it later in the day, AND LEFT IT THERE. 

What the what??

I didn’t find it until this morning.  I went to get out a glass, opened the cupboard and there it was.  I rolled my eyes and joked about my airheadedness, and the child who was in the kitchen with me at the time said, “Yeah, I wondered why you did that.”

I was flabbergasted.  (Or gobsmacked, as the Brits say.  That’s a fun word.)  “You saw it there, and didn’t put it in the fridge?  Why in the world not?”  And my child responded, “I figured you must have had a reason to put it there.”

Well, I have two responses to that.  First of all, thank you, my devoted offspring, for your faith in me.  Thank you for having such a high opinion of my intellect that you trust even my decision to put a pitcher of iced tea in the cupboard.

Secondly ~ please, my precious progeny, never be afraid to tell me if you think I’ve made a decision that might not be wise.  This is what I want from my friends, from anyone who’s close to me.  This is what we all need from those who are walking the Christian life alongside us:  honesty, accountability, a willingness to gently question one another’s judgment occasionally.

And, of course, the courage to put the iced tea back where it belongs.


~ “the sweetness of a friend

       gives delight by hearty counsel” ~

Proverbs 27:9


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