“they went out…”

Joshua 11:4



I think the last of the college students are back in school this week.  Most of us got back to the real world the Monday after New Years, but every few days on facebook, I’ve been seeing my friends sending their kids back to college after the break.

And I’ll be honest:  some of these moms are in a little bit of pain.  Their “babies” are out in the world, out of their protection, and that’s hard to get used to. 

But there was one photo in particular… of a friend and her when-did-he-get-so-tall son, and in the caption she wrote, “So sad to be sending my boy back to school!  I know many of you can relate!”

It was that line, “I know many of you can relate,” that caught my eye.  Because no, I can’t.  I am still at a place in my life where my kids are home.  I know where they are all the time, I have authority, and can be sure they’re safe pretty much always.  As much as one can, I mean. 

It made me grateful for where I am in life.  I know it won’t last, and I know I’m not always appreciative enough of the sweet and miraculous things that are my daily life.  Like kisses good-night and sleepy good-mornings and pizza on the couch for our family’s “must see TV” and having someone to share my lunch with (my girl and I both like small portions, so it works out great!) 

And I had two nice thoughts about my friend’s post.  One ~ that not being able to completely empathize with her doesn’t mean I can’t fervently pray for her.  I’ll be walking in her shoes someday, and even if I could never relate to someone’s life, God unites hearts.  That’s what’s compassion is all about. 

Then I thought ~ again ~ how thankful I am that He understands us.  There is no pain, no difficulty in our lives ~ the big ones and the small, insignificant or imagined ones ~ in which we are alone.   He is Emmanuel.


~ “the Lord was gracious to them,

      had compassion on them, and regarded them” ~

2 Kings 13:23


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