In everything give thanks

“stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord,

and likewise at evening”

1 Chronicles 23:30


Last Thursday my sweetie and I left for a conference in Colorado Springs for the Bible study with which we volunteer.  We got home Sunday, and in the span of only a few days, experienced a temperature range of 71 degrees.  Meaning that on Friday night it was 16 in Colorado, as we walked back to our room from the building in which the meeting had been held.  And on Sunday when we landed in California, it was 87 outside. 

Needless to say, I was a few layers overdressed for 87…


I’ll be honest:  it was a bit difficult to leave cold and snowy for hot and sunny.  I’m not a hot-weather girl.  I love rain and clouds and cold and snow.  So I was thoroughly enjoying the weather in Colorado.  As we walked from building to building several times a day, we enjoyed seeing the snow-covered trees and the frozen lake. 

And although I can’t speak for the Apple of my Eye, I also took great pleasure from the brisk temperatures.  Yes, my hands and my nose were cold by the time we arrived at the next building, but I also felt… I don’t know, exhilarated? 

Now, there were more than a thousand people at this conference, from all over the country and a few other countries, too.  And we were all wearing matching name tags that had our city on them, so sometimes in the elevators, or in the dining room, we’d get to chatting with people about their cities.  And more than once, someone would look at my name tag and make a comment like, “Southern California, eh?  Bet you’re not used to this weather, are ya?”   I would reply with something like, “Yes, but I’m loving this!”   Sometimes they were a little surprised at that.  I think so many people think that Southern California has the weather to covet, so if someone lives here, it must be because of the weather.

And to be honest, I feel a little guilty sometimes, that I don’t always appreciate the weather.  I have what many others wish they did; is it wrong of me to not love it? 

No, it’s not wrong.  I don’t have to love it.  But I do have to be thankful for it.  I shouldn’t complain about my “perfect” weather any more than I should complain about my home, my food, or my family. 

{Note to my family:  Not that I ever would.  😉 }

There are lot of things in my life that I’d change ~ or just tweak a little bit ~ if I could.  But the only reason I have any desire to change them, is because I have them. 

Blessings galore.


~ “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich” ~

Proverbs 10:22


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