Apparently God’s love makes me hungry…

“Delight yourself in the Lord”

Psalm 37:4



There’s a song I love, by an artist I love, named Shawn McDonald.  The song is called Pour Out, and I’ve had it on my ipod for awhile, but on one of my recent plane trips, when I had my earphones in and nothing to distract me, I heard ~ really heard ~ the lyrics for the first time, and one line really stood out to me.

He sings about God’s love, “It is like honey on my lips… Your love is like Eden… like sugar on my tongue…”  And then there’s this:  “Your love is like a slice of apple pie.”


Really?  Apple pie?  God’s love is like apple pie?

Huh.  Okay.  I can go with that. 

And then my mind went to other sweet, wonderful ways to think of God’s love.  If apple pie, when why not moist chocolate cake?  Or perfectly chewy brownies?

Yes, God’s love is like that.  Delightful and exquisite. 


His love is like salted caramel hot chocolate…

His love is like toasted pumpkin spice English muffins with cinnamon sugar…

His love is like homemade strawberry jam…

His love is like peanut butter and chocolate ice cream…


His love is like slightly crispy bacon…

His love is like sage honey…

His love is like a scotchmallow from Sees candy…

His love is like a slice of tuxedo cheesecake…


Think of the best things in your life.  The special, unlike-any-other-things.  People, events, and cherished memories of every kind.  Think of them as being like His love because without His love, your life would have no wonder or beauty or special or delicious or sweet or phenomenal or awe-inspiring. 

All because of His love.


~ “How sweet are Your words to my taste,

     Sweeter than honey to my mouth!” ~

Psalm 119:103


2 responses to “Apparently God’s love makes me hungry…

  1. Better his love is like a slice of apple pie and all those other things you mentioned than a hurricane that gives a tree a “sloppy wet kiss” … I’m just saying. That particular metaphor leaves me cold and makes me a little angry besides at the cluelessness of the composer, who obviously never lived through an actual hurricane. You touched a nerve….


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