Life has given me lemons

“what is left is this great abundance.”

2 Chronicles 31:10



I have a lot of lemons in my fridge.  A lot.  Like, a few dozen.


No, it’s not because I have a lemon tree.  What I have are friends with lemon trees.  And in the past few weeks I’ve been strongly encouraged to take some of their harvest.  And then some more.


I don’t mind.  They won’t go bad in my house.  I’ll make homemade lemonade, and then I’ll juice the rest and freeze the juice to use as I need it.   So we’ll enjoy my friends’ bounty.


I always find it ironic, though, when people are desperate to give things away.  To find a good home for them, if you will.  Not like trash, although we’re glad to give rid of that.  No, I mean good things.  Things that we would happily keep, or do happily keep, but that we also need to give away.


We are glad to share what we have plenty of.  We feel generous, maybe, and hopefully we feel  thankful to have an abundance.  But the lesson to me was about having enough of what’s good, that we’re eager to give it away.  Things like joy, and love, and peace and those other wonderful fruits.

There’s effort to growing lemons.  They don’t just appear on a tree any more than the tree just appears in the yard.  But if we give proper attention to that tree, we’ll have fruit enough for ourselves and our families, and more left over for others. 

Same with the fruits of the Spirit.  So make sure you’re tending to your garden!



~ “walk worthy of the Lord,

fully pleasing Him,

being fruitful in every good work

and increasing in the knowledge of God.” ~

Colossians 1:10


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