A Lesson from Leonard Nimoy

“I know your love…”

Revelation 2:19



So I’m sure you’ve heard of the death of Leonard Nimoy last week.  He was a multi-talented man:  an actor and director who also sang and wrote poems.  But of course, what is he most remembered for is his portrayal of Mr Spock in the Star Trek TV show and movies. 


I was just a babe when he was doing Star Trek.  As a matter of fact, based on my age at the time of the TV series, I think I only saw it in syndication.  I didn’t know that until this weekend.  I just remember watching the show with my sister when we were young, and I assumed it was first-run.  Shows you how much I know about Star Trek.

And that’s significant.  I am not really a fan of science fiction.  I’m not really a fan of most fiction.  But sharing DNA with people who love sci-fi can certainly give one an appreciation for aspects of it, and I do have that.  And even without being a fan, I can appreciate the work of Mr Nimoy, and the role of Spock.  It’s iconic, still impacting us today in other portrayals of aliens, and referenced in books or movies or TV shows.  Writers can talk about Mr Spock with the assurance that their readers or viewers will know who they are talking about.  Such is the nature of icons. 

So, that DNA I spoke of in the preceding paragraph?  That would be my sisters.  The interesting thing about being one of three sisters is the way our circles intersect in the Venn diagram that is our interests.  A love of sci-fi is something they share, that I do not.  And one of my sisters, who also has a blog, posted a tribute to Mr Nimoy this weekend {it can be found at http://www.autism-mom.com} that made a very important point to me. 

She talked about how there are a lot of people who contribute to a successful, interesting character in a TV show or movie:  the creators; writers, certainly; the director, even wardrobe experts can have input on how a character is conceived and developed.  But the actor is the one who brings it to life.  The inflections, the facial expressions, etc.  These are the actor.  And it’s why, in a role with more than one actor (say, a play) you’ll see the role slightly different every time. 

The takeaway in this for me is about the way in which we each bring to life the character and love of Jesus.  It’s like a part written for us, that we need to bring off the page.

We have His example of course.  His words and His actions are in the gospels, and the New Testament expands on that through the writings of those who knew Him. 

And we have the Old Testament.  God’s words and dealings with those He created, are the knowledge and insight we need to obey His commandments.  Specifically, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and heart, and love thy neighbor as thyself.”

{Funny how sometimes I find myself thinking in King James language… You ever do that?}

But the way in which we do that ~ the way we love Him and those around us, differs from person to person.  We give life to His Spirit in us, and each of us with our own expression, our own inflection, our own personality…

The beauty of it is, there’s no wrong way.  Love is love no matter what form it takes.  But how we love will be remembered by those around us.  It will make an impression, and it might even teach those who witness it.  you think maybe there are actors on TV  or movies now, who are influenced by the work of Leonard Nimoy?  I’ll bet there are.  Icon, remember?

Love, as were commanded to.  Make it His love, but make it yours, too.


~ “Beloved, you do faithfully

whatever you do for the brethren

and for strangers,

    who have borne witness of your love” ~

3 John 1:5


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