Happy Easter

“early, while it was still dark”

John 20:1


How did you sleep last night?  Any concerns or worries keep you awake?  Did you sleep all night, or did you wake up several times, wondering “what now?”

What time did you get up this morning?   Did you get up while it was still dark, to attend a Sunrise Service at your church?  Or did you have the luxury of sleeping in a little, and maybe enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch?

Can you imagine what it was like for Jesus’ followers and loved ones, the night before He was resurrected?  I think for so many of them, there must have been such confusion, muddled by incredible sadness.  I know Jesus tried to tell them that His death needed to take place, but they didn’t really understand that.

I slept fine last night.  No worries, no wondering.  Planning to celebrate Easter service with my church family, and then Easter dinner with my parents and my husband and my children.  I slept well the night before “Resurrection Sunday,” looking forward to what was to come.

You and I have that luxury.  The luxury of looking forward…. of hope.  It’s something that those early Christians didn’t have that night.  They only had pain, anguish and confusion.

Praise God for hope.


~ “the blessed hope and glorious appearing

      of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ” ~

Titus 2:13


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