There was no “there” there…


“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth…”

Matthew 6:19



So I’ve been cleaning off my desk the past few days… I’ve got a cute little roll-top desk that I just adore, but it’s a little small.  Perfect for most uses, but because of its size, I can’t work at it if there’s too much clutter.  So I don’t let it go too long in between tidying up.


But it also has adorable little pigeonholes, which I also love.  I appreciate being able to organize things into different places, and being able to find them again when I need them.  However, because these cubbies are off the desk, the stuff in them isn’t in my way.  Which means I have the “need” to clean them less often.  Which means some of the stuff in there has been there for awhile.  Months.  Or maybe a year.  Or more.


So I’m pulling out those papers and birthday cards and photos and CD’s, and making decisions about them.  Kinda fun…


One of the things I pulled out today was a CD.  It was a sermon from church, maybe three years old.  It might have been a sermon that I loved, and wanted to keep to hear again.  But more likely it was a Sunday that we were absent, and because our church goes straight through the Bible, I had wanted to hear what I missed.  But then I guess I forgot or never around to it.  So I put it in my computer today and hit play.


Nothing happened. 


I guess something went wrong when it was recording, and no one realized it.  So I took it home and hung on to it, but there was nothing of value there.  It was Al Capone’s vault. 


It was useless.  Except maybe as a coaster.  Or to keep birds out of my garden.


Except I don’t have a garden.


Just another reminder ~ as if we need one ~ that the things on earth that we value, are not worth what we think they are.


~ “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…

For where your treasure is,

    there your heart will be also.” ~

Matthew 6:20,21


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