He walks with me and He talks with me…

“He talked with us on the road”

Luke 24:32



“The Two Disciples on the Road to Emmaus”… it’s one of my favorite accounts in the gospels. I’m not really sure why. It might be that the two disciples are fairly anonymous. Maybe I like the mystery of that.


We know that one of them was named Cleopas, but that’s all we know. It might even be that one of the disciples was a woman, perhaps Cleopas’ wife.   Somehow that lack of detail helps me visualize the event a little better. I put myself in the scene, I think.


It was the day of Jesus’ resurrection, and two of His disciples were on a journey, headed to a village called Emmaus. And while they walked, they discussed all that had happened the past few days. After a time, they found that another traveler had joined them. It was Jesus, although they didn’t know it. He asked them what they were talking about, and they filled Him in, though they were a little surprised that this guy was so clueless about all that had happened lately.


So they got Him all caught up, but their summary of events included their own confusion about the whole situation ~ how they had thought Israel was going to be redeemed by Him, but then He died, so clearly that wasn’t going to happen…  And how, that very morning, there had been rumors that His body had disappeared from the tomb, and that He’d been seen, alive.


He responded to them ~ to their conversation and confusion ~ by speaking Truth to them. The Scriptures. Verse 27 says He began with Moses and the prophets, and explained to them what was in the Scriptures about Himself.


Could it get any better than that? Those disciples said later that their hearts had burned within them while Jesus opened the Scriptures to them. Love that.


But somehow, my favorite thing about that experience is that Jesus talked to them while they walked. He just joined them in what they were doing, and taught them at the same time. It’s what we see in Deuteronomy 6:6 ~ “…when you sit, when you rise, and when you walk by the way.”


The lesson? Just keep doing what you’re doing in your daily life. But invite Him to join you, and you’ll find that the ordinary looks a little brighter, and that you’ve learned something along the way.




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