A hundred million miracles are happening every day

“thick clouds of the skies”

2 Samuel 22:12



The weather in Southern California has been absolutely heavenly the past few days.  We’ve had heavy clouds all day today, and even some sprinkles late this morning (ironically while I was hanging towels on the clothesline).


Saturday and Sunday we had full-blown rain.  For hours.  And thunder and lightning.  Very unusual for this area, especially in the middle of summer.  Usually, any rain we get at this time of the year is half-hearted, and short-lived.  Our average precipitation in the month of July is .5 inch.  This weekend we got about an inch in only two days.


The other thing that’s not uncommon, is morning clouds.  We call it May Gray or June Gloom.  But then it burns off, usually before noon.  Yesterday it was mostly like that, although it took until 2:00 or so to burn off.


Today, though?  Clouds, clouds, clouds.  All clouds, all day.  And they were wonderful.  I am not a fan of heat, or the relentless sun of summer, so I have been blissfully happy.  I know it’s not going to last, though, and that our typical “So Cal” weather will soon return.  In the meantime, though, I am enjoying every bit of the cooler weather, from the minute I wake up until I climb in bed.



I read something recently, I don’t know where…  The writer was saying that she is never not grateful for all the gifts she has been given, and I thought, “Yup. Me too.”  The place I live, the people around me, the blessings and opportunities in my life… I’m thankful every day.


I was hoping God knew it today.  Doing housework in the relatively-cool, and running errands with the sunroof (or cloudroof) open…  I know the heat is coming back but until then, I am grateful for every cool, cloudy moment.


I hope He knows it every other day too.  I forget to say it to Him, but the thankfulness is there nonetheless.  Whether it’s a cloudy day or not, I’m thankful, for about a hundred million things.




~ “Therefore by Him let us continually offer

the sacrifice of praise to God,

that is, the fruit of our lips,

giving thanks to His name.” ~

Hebrews 13:15


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