On Football, Hockey, and a Lasting Legacy

“to keep my name in remembrance”

2 Samuel 18:18



2009 Vacation 858

If you ever visit Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, make sure you wander the grounds.  They are beautiful in so many ways.  The plants,

2009 Vacation 878

the paths,



the spectacular view,


and a wide, green sward. *


{* One of my favorite words.   I can still recall my mother telling me repeatedly not to pronounce the W in the word “sword”.  Later in life I was so tickled to find out that I could pronounce the W in “sward”! }


And down a hill a ways, a brick path leads you to the family cemetery.  Right in front is Jefferson’s grave marker.  An impressive obelisk, it reads: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia.”

2009 Vacation 879


What’s notable of course, from that list, is that fact that Jefferson was the third President of the United States.  You and I might call that his most important accomplishment, but it was not what he wanted to be remembered for.


I’ve been thinking about that the past couple of days, as I remember a great man I used to know.  We went to church together for a few years, until he died back in 2009.  He was a lot of good things ~ kind, giving, wise, godly…  And you and I might say that his most impressive accomplishment was his NFL career, during which he played in three Pro Bowls, and even won the Super Bowl once.


But that’s not what John would have told you.  No, I heard him talk far more about his work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He volunteered with them for years; it was very important work to him.  Work for which he was very proud.


The reason I’ve been thinking about him lately is because my son had the opportunity last week to attend an FCA hockey camp.  He had a wonderful time playing a sport that he loves, in an environment of fun and fellowship.  There was non-stop encouragement, and a whole lotta talk about living a life for Christ.  And my son loves all of that.


It’s good conversation to say that I used to know someone who played on a Super Bowl-winning team.  But that accomplishment on the part of my friend has not really impacted my life, or that of my son.  It was just neat.  But John’s work with FCA had a direct impact on making my son’s experience this week possible.  And that is a legacy.


~ “A good man leaves an inheritance

     to his children’s children” ~

Proverbs 13:22


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