Scurry, Scurry, Flutter

“have dominion… over every living thing

that moves on the earth”

Genesis 1:28



We’ve had a couple of visitors this past week.  Three to be exact.  One of these:




And two of these:




Brutus (the canary), Piper and Paris.  They belong to friends of ours, who are out of town for the week.  It’s kind of a fun treat to have them… interacting with them a bit, watching the rats scurry about as only rats can.  Hearing Brutus sing has been a real treat for me, and I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

We also had to learn a bit about caring for these little creatures.  We know all about taking care of a cat and a dog (and even had some experience with a guinea pig, but that was a long time ago).  But these need their own kind of care.  We can’t feed them dog food of course, and their cages need to be cleaned.  And they need to be “misted” with water every few days.  The dog and cat don’t need that, and frankly, they’d hate it.

Oh, and Brutus also likes a bit of lettuce every day, which our cat would turn up her nose at, but our puppy would happily eat.

We also need to watch for this very carefully…




Caring for creatures who can’t care for themselves is a nice feeling. We enjoy the critters, and it doesn’t feel like work to care for them.  Humans care for tropical fish as God cares for the ocean, in a way.   And I always like doing things that are variations of what He does.

There are a lot of things in life where we get to follow His example.  Look for them.  Take advantage of them.  Odds are you’ll enjoy it, and before long, you’ll find yourself walking more and more like Him, which means loving and caring for more and more of His children.  It’s a wonderful cycle to be in. 


~ “Do not fear, little flock,

for it is your Father’s good pleasure

to give you the kingdom.” ~

Luke 12:32


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