Wisdom I need, from a boy I love

“fearfully and wonderfully made”

Psalm 139:14



I’ve mentioned my sisters a few times on this blog, and I’m going to share about one of them again ~ but with a wonderful twist.

One of my sisters has her own blog, called autism-mom.com, in which she shares the joys and challenges of parenting a child with autism.  That would be my smart-as-a-whip, brave-as-a-lion, bright-as-a-button, busy-as-a-bee, cute-as-the-dickens nephew, of course.

Well the other day, she did something a little different on her blog.  She posted a video in which she interviewed my nephew, asking him certain questions about living with autism.  It was several things, not the least of which was adorable, because I’m crazy about him.  But also insightful.  There was a wonderful amount of wisdom for an almost-eleven year old.  I kept hearing wisdom from him that is excellent advice for each of us ~ with and without autism.

Do yourself a favor.  Click here and listen.  And take these pieces of advice home with you, in regards to whatever is a challenge in your life:


Don’t worry; you’ll get used to your challenge,

and even like it.

Be proud of the fact that you have expertise

in certain areas.

Being different doesn’t mean being weird. 

It just means being different.

Use your weakness as your strength.

Just live with it.  See if you can enjoy it. 

Enjoy the best of life, even with your challenge.

This is not a curse; it’s a gift.

Learn from it.

Your difference makes you better.


Amen, sweet boy.  Well said.  

Love you,

Aunt Genius



~ “That He would show you

      the secrets of wisdom!” ~

Job 11:6


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