The power of His power

“His power toward us who believe”

Ephesians 1:19



Have you ever felt, as I do, that adjectives fail when they are asked to rise to the task of describing God’s power?  Superlatives come off as trite, overused, or simply inefficient when applied to God’s might.  Even the word “power” itself spends a great deal of time these days describing things like stain removers, making it nearly insulting to use it to describe God, too.

A biblical use of the term “God’s power” can apply to the realm of physical, mental or spiritual.  But no matter how it’s used, it requires an understanding on our part of the immenseness of it… the strength of it.

The power, if you will, of God’s power.

For nothing is as powerful as God’s power.  He lent it to Moses’ arms when he raised them to part the Red Sea.  He lent it to Samson when he brought down the temple of the Philistines.  But the height of God’s power, of course, is seen in the raising of His Son from the dead.  The resurrection is what makes Jesus more than just a noble Man who laid down His life for another.  The resurrection is what separates Jesus from the prophets, the disciples or the angels.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the power of God that rendered satan the inevitable, bitter Loser.

And now?  With that mighty deed done, punishment taken by the death of Jesus, salvation suffered by His resurrection – where is God’s power now?

His mighty power is working toward believers.  And not just a fraction of it, either.  Verses 19 and 20 of this chapter of Ephesians tell us that the exceeding greatness of His power works in us “according to,” or “the same as” when He raised Jesus from the dead.  The power that raised Him from the dead is now available for us to climb that mountain or endure that sacrifice, or obey that command.  That power waits for us.  It waits for us to believe in the salvation available through Jesus, but it also waits for us to believe in the power of the power.  It waits for us to stop trying to achieve on our own what we cannot.

God is our strength and power.




~ “God is my strength and power,

and He makes my way perfect.” ~

2 Samuel 22:33


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