Wanted: Dead Then Alive

“you He has made alive”

Ephesians 2:1



Every Christian has a testimony.  It’s simply the story of how you came to the decision of accepting Christ as your Savior.  And often, the telling of one’s testimony includes the telling of the highlights of the sin-filled life that preceded it.  Or lowlights, I guess…  At any rate, the story might include drug use, prison time, abuse, multiple marriages, abortions, or a host of other painful and unwise decisions.  And the darker one’s history, the brighter and more glorious seems the sinner’s salvation.  I’ve even heard Christians apologize for their testimony not being more “exciting,” or slightly chagrined that they were nothing more than just a boring old “sinner”.


But I had a wonderful teacher one year who reminded her students that, in essence, every testimony is the same.  You were dead ~ in sin, in flesh, in self ~ until He made you alive ~ in redemption, in spirit, in Him.  There is rejoicing in heaven every time any sinner is made alive.  And it is God who does it.  The sinner makes the decision to accept, but He brings life.


Look at your past, your history.  Your personal B.C. You’ll see sin, selfishness, mistakes and pride.  Now look at your life A.D. (After Decision).  See all the same things, don’t you?  But there are other things to see, too.  Like remorse, repentance and forgiveness.


So you’re the same as you were, and yet not.  He has made you alive.




~ “there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.” ~

Luke 15:7


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