For us.

“made us alive together…

raised us up together…

made us sit together…”

Ephesians 2:5-6



When it comes to salvation, all the hard work has been done for us, by Jesus.  The most important thing He did was the crucifixion, of course.  He died, even though He was sinless, because that was the punishment we deserved for our sins.  But before that, He endured extreme suffering, cruelty and humiliation on His way to the cross.  That was not necessary to pay for our sins.  That was so that we might know that we have a Savior that understands suffering.

But before that, He spent three years as a public figure, teaching, loving, and performing miracles, that we might know there is no need in our lives that He cannot fulfill.

And before that, He lived a normal earthly life – a big step down for a king, much less the King of kings!  He was born, and lived, poor and humble, so that prophecies would be fulfilled, so that we might know that He is indeed what He says He is: The Way, the Truth and the Life.

And after that, He rose from the dead, that we might know that victory over satan is assured; that we might know that our faith is well-placed in a Redeemer who is sovereign and powerful.

So after all that, what is our part of salvation?  Belief.  Simple acceptance of the truth, and a desire to be saved.  And that’s what I think of as I read these verses.  All that the Lord has done for us: made us alive in Him, raised us up, and made us to sit in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus ~ all of this He has done for us together.  There is no separate privilege for Billy Graham or my pastor or that woman at my church that I have to try so hard to like, or even for Paul.  We are together, all of us, believers, all of us saints, all of us sinners, all of us saved.


heart in the sand


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