I’ll be your waiter this evening

“Wait, I say!”

Psalm 27:14




Do you like ventriloquists?  I think once you get past the creepy doll with the soul-less eyes (I’m kidding.  Mostly.) the talent of the artist is amazing.  They not only speak, but make other noises, like clearing their throat, or sneezing, without making any noticeable movement on their own face.  And they make the dolls convey emotion ~ sometimes with the help of moveable eyebrows or something, but often just through the intonation of the artist.

Through a dummy, a ventriloquist can say things they don’t really mean.  Or convey feelings they aren’t really feeling.  But sometimes we do that even without a dummy on our laps.  Have you ever told someone something you didn’t believe yourself?  Like, “everything is going to be fine,” or “don’t worry; it’s not going to fall,” or “Santa will be here before morning”?  Sometimes we say things because we want to feel them, or because we know we should feel them.

If you’ve ever read through the Book of Acts, you might find it hard to read about all that Paul went through, and then flip over to one of the letters he wrote, and read what he had to say.  For instance, in his letter to the Philippians, Paul used the word “joy” several times, even though, when he wrote that letter, he was in prison.  Was he really, really feeling joy?  He was unbelievably strong in his faith, of course, but he was human.  He must have had his down times.  I wonder if sometimes he was less than joyful, but writing about joy, and reminding others to be joyful, brought him back to where he should be.

I said something to my daughter once, that didn’t particularly reveal how I felt, and I sometimes still think about it.  She had become a fan of a book series, and was eagerly waiting for the next volume to come out.  And then when she found out the release date, it was months away.  Any excitement she felt about finally knowing for sure when it was coming, had been lost in the agony of a several-month wait.   She wanted it to come out tomorrow.  Or at very latest, one week later.  🙂   And you know what thought popped into my head when she was good-naturedly moaning about how far away the release was?  I thought, “if it came out too soon, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wait.”  And then immediately I was struck with how ironic that thought was.  Enjoy the wait?!?  

I don’t know about you, but I  have never been a good waiter.  And by that I mean, I’m not very good at waiting.  I mean, I’ve never worked in a restaurant….  But waiting in life?  I’ve done that plenty.  Who hasn’t?  As a matter of fact, I’m in a time of waiting right now.  And if you asked, (and no one has), I would not tell you I’m enjoying the wait.

But I think ~ as it often is ~ it’s about perspective.  When we are waiting, what we are generally waiting for is simply a change in difficult circumstances.   But we also know that when that change comes, when that chapter in our life ends, and He turns the page to the next one, it’s going to be like Christmas.  And the wait for Christmas can be so exciting!  Why aren’t I enjoying this wait more?  My perspective needs to be on the reward at the end of the wait.

Are you a waiter?   Then I’d like a water with lemon, please.  But if you are waiting, I hope you’ll take heart.  I hope you’ll have joy.  I hope you’ll focus on what He has wrapped and ready for you.  He’ll give it to you when the time is right, so you can wait with expectation.


~ “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits

And in His word I do hope.” ~

Psalm 130:5


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