On the road again, in my mind

“To give them light

on the road which they should travel”

Nehemiah 9:12


Well, my vacation continues, and I’m having a ball. 

Okay, not exactly.  But I’m now into the next phase of vacation*; the part after the vacation itself.

{* the first three phases being: 

1) thinking of and deciding on the vacation;

2) planning the vacation;

and 3) taking the vacation}

We’ve emptied the car and washed it.  We’ve cleaned and restocked the camping equipment and put it back up in rafters until it’s time to use it again.  We’ve emptied our suitcases and put them back on the high closet shelves, and the laundry is all done. 

And now, it’s time for the re-living.  The reminiscing, if you will.  The photos have been downloaded on my computer; all 1600 of them.  No, that’s not a typo.  My daughter is an awesome photographer, and takes a lot of photos of any given subject, looking for just the right lighting, etc.  So I’ve been having fun going through the photos, organizing, deleting a few, playing with others (cropping them; changing them to black and white, etc.) 

I’m also reading through materials we picked up on our trip.  Maps, travel brochures, museum pamphlets, etc.  Plus those familiar brochures that the National Park system gives you.

Brochure-cover_a_1photo credit: the National Park Service

I read some of this stuff before our vacation, in order to learn more about the areas we’d be visiting, and to prep myself in order to get more out of it.  But I’m able to read it in much greater detail now, having been there.  The names are familiar, and I can visualize things that I could barely imagine before.  It’s not just fun to reminisce; it’s more educational for me.  The material is all the same, but I have a far better understanding about what I’m reading. 

This is a great way to approach the concept of Bible reading.  It’s the same way I feel when I read a passage that I have studied.  Reading is one thing, and it’s beneficial and educational and edifying.  But studying is something else altogether, and it brings new light to reading. 

By the same token, reading the Bible after an “adventure” opens up more understanding.  Those adventures might be trials or seasons of difficulty or even unusual joy.  Things like losing a job or getting married.  Living life means coming face-to-face with the lessons in the Bible, like loving your neighbor and trusting in the Lord.  Reading about Old Faithful after seeing it in person makes reading about it open up.  Expect the same thing from His Word. 

~ “Your word is a lamp to my feet

and a light to my path” ~

Psam 119:105


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