Water, Water Everywhere

“We have found water”

Genesis 26:32


I found myself thinking about two things yesterday evening:  water, and school textbooks. 

That’s because the two of them were together, all over my counter last night…


Seems we have some sort of problem with our dishwasher, and while we ran it last night, it was leaking out of the overflow thingy on the counter behind the sink.  We have one of those “open-concept” homes that people are always asking for on the house-hunting shows, so our kitchen opens onto our dining room, and the counter behind the sink is pretty much in the dining room.  We have a couple of counter stools there, and it makes a nice place for someone to sit and eat a snack, or for someone to sit and chat with whoever is me, when I’m doing the dishes.

But in recent days, that extra counter space has been additional space while I sort through and organize school books for the coming year.  There are pretty much piles everywhere on the table and counter.  And yesterday evening, when my girl got up to investigate a strange noise in the dining room {which we both assumed was the puppy chewing on something she shouldn’t be}, she discovered it was water dripping from the counter onto the tile in the dining room.  And a short time later I had a hubby under the sink, and books hanging from the clothesline.  Yes, really.  And it worked like a charm to dry the books out.  ‘Course, the warmth of the summer evening didn’t hoit either!


But here’s what I was thinking about water and textbooks…

The textbooks have been carefully chosen by me for my kids.  In some cases they’ve been purchased, in other cases they were hand-me-downs, but even if books are free, it doesn’t mean I’m going to use them if they don’t work for us.  There are a lot of different ways to tailor a student’s education, and one of my favorite parts of homeschooling is doing just that for my kids.  Even though they have the same teacher, they do not have the same education!

And I was cleaning up water.  H2O.  Two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.  No more, no less; otherwise you wouldn’t have water.  But schooling?  There is no one right way.  I just love that freedom. 

And you know what?  The same goes for honoring the Sabbath, fasting, meeting God daily in prayer, church attendance, taking communion and et cetera and et cetera.  No one right way.  He wants us in His will, and oftentimes that doesn’t look the same from person to person. 

See?  Freedom.  Isn’t it wonderful?

{I know…  all that from water leaking onto my textbooks, right?  What can I say but, “the brain moves in mysterious ways!” }


~ “Stand fast, therefore in the liberty

by which Christ has made us free,

and do not be entangled again

with a yoke of bondage.” ~


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