The Buck Stops Here

Do you remember that quote from Harry Truman?  Well, it didn’t originate with him, but as president, he certainly made it famous.  Its message is:  “I’m taking responsibility.”  It’s an admirable attitude at any time, but I particularly like it when it’s applied to one of my favorite Bible heroes:  Joshua.

“… Joshua did it; he left nothing undone…”
Joshua 11:15

There’s nothing better than when God expects something of someone, and they do it.  Relying on God for the necessary courage, or strength, or boldness, or whatever they need, they hear Him, and they obey.  I wish I could say I’m like that, but sometimes I can barely figure out what God wants me to do, much less fulfill it.  And if I do, then I’m wondering if it was done the way He wanted.  Or at the right time.

But Joshua had specific instructions.  And detailed…  Have you ever really paid attention when God is giving instructions to someone in the Bible?  For instance, the directions for building the temple.  Or, say,  the entire Book of Leviticus….  So to completely obey God without error or omission is remarkable.

But if you look at the entirety of this verse, you see it gets even more amazing.  For the instructions that Joshua had been given?  Came from Moses.   Verse 15 says:  “As the Lord commanded Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses.”  Now it’s one thing to hear God telling you what He expects of you.  It’s another to get it second-hand.  It didn’t work for Adam and Eve.  But there’s such a good message here if you are in any way a “second-in-command” to anyone.  Say, a boss.  Or a parent.  Or a husband.   If we have been called by God to support or assist someone, then we are to do that whole-heartedly.  And a direction from our leader should be the same as a command directly from God.  Not that anyone in our lives is flawless, or incapable of being wrong.  But when they are carrying out their mission from God to the best of their ability, we owe it to them, and to Him, to help carry that burden as if it were our own.

Do what is required of you, to the best of your ability, and leave nothing undone.  Because as far as He’s concerned, the buck stops with you.

~ “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you,

because you obey the voice of the Lord your God” ~

Deuteronomy 28:2


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