Prayerfully Pursuing Peace with our Pets

“a growl like a dog”

Psalm 59:6


My sweet boy said our prayer over dinner this evening.  We kinda take turns, and although the words generally follow a pattern, we each generally tack on a little something at the end ~ a special prayer request for someone or something that’s on our mind. 

And often, one of our “thanks” during the prayer is for our pets ~ we’re so glad to have them in our lives!  But tonight, in his list of thanks and requests, my boy ended by asking God to please help our puppy and kitty to become friends.  How sweet is that?  We’ve had the two of them for a little over a month now, and they are still rather mistrustful of each other.  But I’m confident they’ll come to a place of respect for each other; it just takes time. 

And because I know it will happen naturally, it never even occurred to me to pray about it; does that happen to you?  My son ended with that prayer, and I said, “Oh that was sweet.  What a good idea to pray that!”  He responded, “I pray that every night before bed.”

Awesome.  I love those reminders that there is nothing too simple, nothing too small to pray about.  He wants us to pray our hearts’ desires, and He wants to bless us. 


Not everything we want is in His will for us, but He always wants us to ask.  And peace in our home is just the kind of thing He loves to hear us pray for!


~ “But I same to you,

       love your enemies” ~

Matthew 5:44


2 responses to “Prayerfully Pursuing Peace with our Pets

  1. Our family was caught in the car in one of those blindingly torrential Florida tropical thunderstorms (you can’t even imagine it if you’ve never experienced it). Instead of pulling over as I learned to do in later years, I kept driving and told everyone to pray, which we did silently. After a while we got past the storm area, the rain stopped, and we had a sunny Florida day. I mentioned that I had prayed that God would surround our car with His holy angels. My wife said she had prayed that God would protect us and to keep the car on the road instead of skidding or hydroplaning. My middle child, who was about 7 at the time, said, “I just prayed that the rain would stop.”


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