The Story of the Owl and the Darkness

“the little owl”

Deuteronomy 14:16


I have an owl.   Her name is Annie. 


Hootin’ Annie.

I love owls, and Annie makes me smile.  She sits on my dashboard.  Right in the center, but pushed way back against the glass, so as not to distract me.* 

{* She’s an owl, so of course she knows it would not be wise to distract me when I’m driving.}


But because it’s summer, I moved her over to the left-hand side of the dashboard, so that I could see my little Kauai honu* sticker.


{* honu = sea turtle in Hawaiian}

A sea turtle is so summery, isn’t it?  So I asked Annie to step aside until Autumn.  And she was happy to do so.


But what I didn’t realize, was that as Annie sat over on the side, she was sitting on this:


That little gizmache * is a light sensor. 

{ also known as a “thingamabob” or a “whatchamacallit”.   It is not, however, a “gazinta”.  What’s a “gazinta” you ask?  It’s something that gazinta something else. Ba dum bum!}


Now, unbeknownst to me, Hootin’ Annie’s position on that light sensor was making my car believe it was dark out.  All the time.  And for several weeks, I’ve been unable to read the message lights on my dash during the day, because they were too dim.  The car automatically dims the dash lights at night so your eyes have an easier time adjusting.  So information like this:


has been impossible to see.   Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I even wanted to know that it was 95 degrees outside.  Sometimes the less you know, the better, right?  But the gas gauge, the clock, or a possible warning light?  Too dim.  So annoying.


I don’t know what made me realize.  I don’t know what made me think, all of a sudden, “Maybe it’s Annie.”  So I moved her out of the way, and several seconds later I knew how much gas I had, and that it was 95 degrees outside.  Elementary, my dear slow-witted self.


Please, do me a favor.  Next time you feel you’re walking through a dark place in life, and you can’t see the light, check to see if maybe it’s your fault.  Pray and ask Him if maybe you’re in your own way, and you’re blocking His light.

It could be just that simple.


~ “If we say that we have fellowship with Him,

and walk in darkness,

we lie and do not practice the truth” ~

1 John 1:6

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