What Good Advice Looks Like

“Have you heard the counsel of God?”

Job 15:8


A friend of mine called me today, somewhat unexpectedly.  Normally I hear from her via text, so a call seemed slightly more urgent.  I couldn’t talk to her at the time though, so I sent a text asking if I could call her later.  She said that would be fine, and included a little smiley face, so I knew it was nothing tragic. 

A few hours later when I called her, she did have difficult news to share.  Not earth-shattering, but disappointing for her.  She’s no longer going to be involved in the ministry she loves, and the decision had come about very suddenly.  Just a few days ago she was looking forward to getting started with another year, but then her circumstances had changed, and she had just a few days to pray about what to do about it. 

Although sometimes she calls me to get my opinion on things in her life, that was not the case today.  She had made the decision, and she wanted me to know.   I was very surprised at how this had all come about, so I asked her about the details, what had been said by the other person, and how she’d come to this decision.  And then I asked her, “What Scriptures was God giving you?”  And she laughed and said, “I knew you were gonna ask me that.”


I laughed too, then.  But I’m glad she said that.  I’m glad to be known for that.  It’s just too easy to make a decision ~ even a big one sometimes ~ without praying and reading the Bible for guidance and confirmation.  And I’m glad for my part in teaching her that.  ‘Cause when someone comes to me for advice, I’d rather they get His guidance, than mine.


bible b:w


~ “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction is righteousness…” ~

2 Timothy 3:16


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