Come Rain or Come Shine

“there is the sound of abundance of rain”

1 Kings 18:41


Man it was hot today.  What am I saying?  It’s still hot now!  8:30 at night, and still in the mid-90s out there.  Relentless and oppressive, that’s what it is.  And we’re trying not to use the AC unless we absolutely have to, because the power has gone out several times in the past few weeks, and there are brownouts, etc. 

Believe me when I say I am so ready for Autumn…

Anyhow, the good news ~ and it is good news ~ is that it rained today.  I was watching the news this afternoon when it was interrupted by an emergency alert ~ severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.  I looked out and realized the sky was clouding up with very dark clouds, and ten minutes later, the kids and I were outside frolicking in the rain.  It was wonderful.  Glorious.  And most of all, it was cool.  The temperature felt like it dropped about 15 degrees. 


Later on, I got on facebook to check and see what my friends were up to, and a friend of mine had posted that the rain was causing problems where she was.  She was experiencing those flash floods that had been predicted, and as she drives an ambulance, she wasn’t exactly able to hunker down at home. 

It got me to thinking how often one person’s reason to praise is another person’s reason to cry for His help.  The heat can be dangerous to people like the elderly, and droughts are harmful, but the rain was proving dangerous, too.  One person is hoping the plane will take off late, so they can make their connection, while someone else needs for it to land early so that they can arrive before the baby is born.  At any given time, God is probably hearing many “competing” prayers.

It makes me two things:  1)  glad I don’t have to decide what works best for whom and 2) remember that I need to praise Him, rain or shine.


~ “giving thanks always for all things

to God the Father

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” ~

Ephesians 5:20



Answers to yesterday’s quiz:
1.  Psalm 22
2.  27
3.  40
4.  Moses
5.  Greek
6.  the destruction of Jerusalem
7.  theophany
8.  Son of Man
9.  39 books
10.  Michael


2 responses to “Come Rain or Come Shine

  1. I knew I knew all the answers to your quiz.

    What you said about the two people on the airplane is interesting. The point, I suppose, is whether one’s own plans (making the connection, hoping to arrive before the baby is born) fit in with God’s plan. Remembering to pray “Thy will be done” is a wonderful way to quench anxiety.


    • As Lincoln said, our prayer should not be for God to be in agreement with us, but that we might be in agreement with Him. He probably said it more eloquently than that, though.

      And I knew, too, that you knew all the answers 😉


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