A post about no power, and about Power

I have a story to tell you, but we were without power all day, so I didn’t get a chance to type it up.  So at the end of an exhausting day, I’m going to share with you the peace in which I rest…


He is Omnipotent

“The Lord thundered from heaven,

and the Most High uttered His voice.”

2 Samuel 22:14


He is Revelation

“May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ

give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation

in the knowledge of Him”

Ephesians 1:17


He is the Author

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,

and is profitable for doctrine,

for reproof, for correction,

for instruction in righteousness.”

2 Timothy 3:16


He is Lord King

“The Lord is King

forever and ever”

Psalm 10:16


 He is the Word

“His name is called

The Word of God”

Revelation 19:13


He is my Justification

“He was delivered over to death

for our sins

and was raised to life

for our justification.”

Romans 4:25


He is Emmanuel

“The virgin will be with child

and will give birth to a Son,

and they will call Him ‘Emmanuel’

which means, ‘God with us’.”

Matthew 1:23



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