Short-term Memory

“they gave no thought to Your miracles;

they did not remember Your many kindnesses”

Psalm 106:7


There are very few of us who are not thoroughly familiar with the plight of the Hebrews in Egypt.  We have read of the ten plagues; we have seen the movies; we know the events well.  Those were miracles!  Miracles unlike anything we’ll see in our lives, most likely.

We also know how quickly the Israelites were to forget those miracles that had led to their freedom.  Even as they stood on the shore of the Red Sea, they were afraid.   They couldn’t see how there was any hope for them.  The Red Sea in front of them; Pharaoh and his army behind them.   I’m guessing the idea of escaping across the Red Sea, much less through it, was outside the realm of reality for them.  Though they had sung songs of praise to God as they left Egypt with their spoils, they no longer trusted Him to complete their journey to freedom.

And that’s really what it was.  Completion.  Why would God free them from slavery and Pharaoh’s rule, only to let them die a short time later at his hands?  It doesn’t even make sense!  But when we’re scared, sometimes logic goes right out the window.  We would do well to remember that when He begins a good work, He will be faithful to complete it.

So He performed yet another miracle for the Hebrews.  And this miracle not only got them to safety, but destroyed their enemy before their very eyes.  So they sang praises to their God for delivering them through His miracles.  Then they built a golden calf.  *sigh*

It’s so easy to rebuke, criticize and judge them for the forgetfulness, and their seemingly lighthearted dismissal of His glorious works.  But as has been said, when you point a finger at someone, you’ve got three fingers pointing back at you…

His miracles in my life are big and small; daily and hourly.  If I prayed ceaselessly, only some of that would be praise and thanks.  And even I could praise and thank Him ceaselessly, it still would not be enough.  For a mere human to give Him the glory that is due Him ~ now that would take a miracle.


~ “I will remember the deeds of the Lord;

yes, I will remember Your miracles…

wonders that cannot be fathomed;

miracles that cannot be counted.” ~

Psalm 77:11, Job 9:10


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