Still giving thanks, the day after Thanksgiving


“They decorate it with silver and gold…”

Jeremiah 10:4



We had a wonderful day today.  The day after Thanksgiving has always been a favorite day for our family.  Since our first year together, my sweetie and I have made this day the official beginning of the Christmas season.  We get down all the Christmas decorations and decorate the house, complete with Christmas music inspiring us.

Then we had kids, and it became one of their favorite days, too.  They loved the excitement of opening the boxes and “discovering” fun things, and then hanging or placing them around the house.  But the past few years, it’s been mostly my daughter and me.  The Apple of my Eye seems content to let us handle it, and while my son enjoys helping for awhile, he soon drifts off to play hockey in the backyard or whatever.

So there’s my girl and I (my girl and me?) opening boxes and placing items just so.  It’s a nice team thing.  Most things go on the shelf or table where they were last year and the year before, but every year there are few changes.  This year, for instance, we have our new puppy.  So the nativity scene needs a new home, otherwise we’re gonna find a king or shepherd being chewed on as soon as we turn our backs…  So there’s some discussion and comparing that goes along with the sweet emotions of rediscovering our ornaments and other heirlooms.

The beautiful thing is how in-sync we are.  A good team.  She respects my feelings about things that I love, that I think look just perfect in a particular place.  But she’s also not afraid to say, “How, how about this idea instead?” 

It was a wonderful day today, and not the first one in which I’ve realized that I am inordinately blessed by my amazing family.   Thanksgiving is over, but the giving of thanks is not!


~ “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

the fruit of the womb is a reward.” ~

Psalm 127:3


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