Giving Thanks

“we must hold a feast to the Lord”

Exodus 10:9



Well we had a lovely Thanksgiving ~ I hope you did too.  If you do that sort of thing, of course.

We were at a friend’s house, with about 50 or 60 other folks of all ages.  And that’s not counting the litter of 8-week old Welsh Corgi puppies in a dog run in the backyard.

So 50 people ~ and a commensurate amount of food.  Turkey, roast beef, ham, and ribs.  Three kinds of stuffing, including gluten-free.  Two versions of Brussels sprouts, green beans, zucchini, two dishes of sweet potatoes, corn, rolls, mashed potatoes… I think that’s it.  And more pies than I’ve ever seen at one time in my life, outside of Marie Callenders that is…

My sweet girl and I had done our part ~ she had made two apple pies, and I had brought a dish of sweet potato and apple.  But we were far from the only ones.  I’d be willing to bet that nearly every woman there had contributed something.

Which is not to say that the men don’t help with the cooking too, but it generally falls to the women.

And as the meal was being assembled, many of those women were in the kitchen.  Setting up, getting out plates, putting out the dishes, etc.  And I thought about how much work goes into this holiday.  This is not a day of rest.  It’s a day that requires a lot of prep, and a lot of effort.

Which really seems appropriate.  It seems like being grateful to Him should require effort on our part.  It’s almost like works following faith.  A feeling of thanksgiving should be followed by service to others.  It’s a beautiful way of showing love to Him, when we show love to others. 

And love can take on a lot of forms.  Today’s was delicious.


~ “We give thanks, O Lord God Almighty,

The One who is and who was and who is to come” ~

Revelation 11:17


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