A Christmas Quiz


It’s the Christmas season.  Yes, already. 


Are you in the spirit?  Got your decorations up?  Made out your shopping list?  Started writing Christmas cards? 


All good things.  But let’s not forget the most important thing about Christmas.  To get you in the mood, I’ve prepared a Christmas version of my Bible quizzes.  As usual, no using the internet for the answers, but feel free to crack open your Bible!  Ready?


1.  Which Old Testament scripture

prophesied the virgin birth?

a.  Genesis 1:1

b.  Isaiah 7:14

c.  Psalm 151:3

d.  Leviticus 10:3


2.  Where was Jesus born?

a.  Egypt

b.  Nazareth

c.  Rome

d.  Bethlehem


3.  In what city was Jesus raised?

a.  Cairo

b.  Nazareth

c.  Rome

d.  Bethlehem


4.  What is the meaning of the name “Emmanuel”?

a.  “He will not leave you”

b.  “God on earth”

c.  “Born as man”

d.  “God with us”


5.  What does the word “angel” mean?

a.  “Messenger”

b.  “Guardian”

c.  “Warrior”

d.  “Winged one”


6.  Which angel announced

the future birth of Christ to Mary?

a.  Michael

b.  Elijah

c.  Daniel

d.  Gabriel


7.  Which ruler tried to kill the baby Jesus?

a.  Nero

b.  Pharaoh

c.  Herod

d.  Caesar


8.  Name two gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.

a.  gold and myrrh

b.  gold and silver

c.  frankincense and alabaster

d.  silver and myrrh


9.  Who warned Joseph to take his family to Egypt?

a.  Herod

b.  The Wise Men

c.  an angel

d.  The innkeeper


10.  How did the Wise Men find Jesus?

a.  a star led them

b.  an angel guided them

c.  shepherds told them

d.  Herod told them


Good luck!  And Merry Christmas!


~ “incline your ear to wisdom,

and apply your heart to understanding” ~

Proverbs 2:2


2 responses to “A Christmas Quiz

  1. I know the correct answer to every question, but then I am 73.

    From a liturgical point of view, it is not yet the Christmas season. It is the Advent season, which this year began Nov. 30 and lasts through Dec. 24. The Christmas season begins on Christmas Day and lasts for 12 days, followed by Epiphany on Jan. 6.


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