Why I Loved November

“in the ninth month”

Jeremiah 36:22



December came flying into my life very quickly this year, but that’s a good thing.  It’s a wonderful time of year, after all.


But I didn’t want to neglect acknowledging one of my favorite months of the year.  So a few days into December, I’m still praising God for November.  And here’s why…


Early November was a fun get-together with a family we’ve come to know in the past year.  They came over for dinner and taught us a hilarious new game.  I don’t know when’s the last time I laughed so hard.  New games and new friends are a great combination!

November was also the start of the treatment my doctor has recommended for the dizziness I’ve been experiencing for most of the year.  It’s a step of faith along with praying to God that healing is His will, and that this is the way.  Nothing like a struggle to turn your eyes to Him, right?

November was also another power outage in our neighborhood.  It was the fourth one in as many months, and again I found myself appreciating electricity the way I should every day.  I am blessed to live in a part of the world where I don’t have to worry about a lot of things.  I have food and clothes and a home; people that care about me and doctors I can turn to when my health is not 100%.  I have what a great percentage of the world does not have.  November is a great month to be thankful for all of that.

We had another fun evening towards the end of the month.  My boy invited several friends over for burgers and roller hockey in our backyard.  I’m so glad for the friends my kids have, who enjoy the same things, and love their faith as much as we do.  Friends are not easy to come by sometimes, and both my kids are strengthened by their companions.  I’m praising God for that. 

And of course, November was thanksgiving.  Two of them actually ~ one with family, a few days early, and the real one with some friends.  It was unusual to be invited to Thanksgiving with another family, but we were pleased to spend the day with them.  And with their horses and their goat and their dogs and their puppies and their sugar gliders….


Most of all, November was Autumn.  It was brown and orange and gold and red.  It was turkey and stuffing and potatoes and mushrooms and zucchini and gravy and pumpkin and a lot of pies.  And it was cool and crisp and cold and drizzly and windy and falling leaves and darker a little earlier.  It was friends and food and family.

November was less busy and more at-home.  Coziness and warmth and, well, thankfulness.


~ “Joy and gladness will be found…

Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.” ~

Isaiah 51:3



(photo credit: exoticpets.about.com)

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