Derek Jeter’s Wonderful Life

“The man began to prosper,

and continued prospering

until he became very prosperous”

Genesis 26:13



Okay, first I have to explain that I’m often a few weeks behind in reading Sports Illustrated. I let the Apple of my Eye read it first, and he’s not always speedy at getting around to it, so that’s my explanation for a baseball-themed post in December…


The article was about Derek Jeter. He retired this year, after 20 years of playing for the Yankees, and he stands out to Yankee fans and non-fans alike. I know, because I fall into that latter category.


And he doesn’t just stand out for his standout performances on the field, but also for his maturity, and his gentlemanly behavior off the field. And of course, his lack of performance-enhancing drugs…


The article in SI gave a fair bit of attention to Jeter’s parents, and a small sampling of coaches and players who have been influential in his life; many of the people that contributed to making Jeter the man that he is. It was like “It’s A Wonderful Life” in reverse. Not about the impact that this man had on the world around him, but rather, the impact the world had on him.


We are made up of our history; of the people God has placed in our lives.  The 6th grade teacher who was passionate about grammar and passed that love on to me… the coach who made me feel like a daughter to him… books I’ve loved, and yes, even articles I’ve read.  Little by little, lesson by lesson, inspiration by inspiration, we grow. 


Oh sure, we can choose to be influenced negatively, too.  There are people and events  in our lives who can bring out the worst in us, make us cynical, bitter or selfish.  But that will be your choice, not His. 

There are a lot of talented guys in the Major Leagues.  But Jeter is celebrated not just for the athlete he is, but the man he is.  What would people say about you?  And who do you have to thank for that?


~ “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,

He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” ~

Psalm 92:12


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