Because my mother taught me to write thank you notes…

Dear God…


How are you?  I am fine.  Sorry I haven’t written sooner, but I’ve been pretty busy.  I’m sure You understand.  I just wanted to thank Your for all the great gifts You gave me in 2014.  I am so very appreciative of Your thoughtfulness. 

First of all, my whole family joins me in thanking You for our new puppy, Calypso, and our new kitty, Luna.  We were so sad when our previous pets both died within just a few weeks of each other, and we’re so grateful for our new family members, and how much joy and peace they bring to our home. 

I also want to thank You for the two family vacations we were able to take this year.  We saw so many beautiful and interesting sights, two national parks, and educational historical places.  I’m so appreciative of spending that time with my hubby and my kids, and for all the family we got to visit on our journeys.

I’m also thankful for all the sports I watched in 2014.  Thank You for blessing my husband and me with two healthy kids, and thank You for how much we enjoy watching them playing their sports.  There were more losses than wins for both of them in 2014, but every game there was something to be proud of.

And thank You for all the fun my kids had in other ways.  Specifically, doing things with their friends.  Thank You for the wonderful friends You have provided for my kids ~ thoughtful, respectful, imaginative… And best of all, they all look to You for their guidance.  They are exactly the sort of people my husband and I would choose as friends for our kids.  Through these friendships, we are all blessed.  Thank You for that.

Thank You for enabling us to live on one income.  Being a stay-at-home mom is the best thing in my life, and I know my sweetie works hard for us.  Thank You for his job, and for his work ethic.  And thank You for also making it possible for me to teach my kids again this year.  Being a part of their education is a joy for me, and I treasure the responsibility You have given me.

It is with some difficulty that I thank You for calling me out of the volunteer position I had in my Bible study class.  It was not easy to leave it, but I know You have the best in mind ~ my best, my family’s best, the best for the class, etc.  I trust You.  And I thank you for bringing a new challenge to my life.  I hope I do it well, through Your strength and for Your glory.  Thank You for the team I’ll be working with.  I know I can learn a lot from them, and I’m glad for the influence they will be on me. 

Most of all, I thank You for all of our family’s adventures this past year ~ going to the movies, apple picking, the county fair… our time together is marked by kindness, laughter, and great conversations.  Thank You for blessing me with a husband and kids that I love spending time with.  No matter where I am, if I’m with them, I’m content. 

Thank You for your thoughtfulness.  Thank You for thinking of me, protecting me, giving me free will but also being available to me in prayer, so that I don’t ever have any excuse for straying from Your will.  Thank You for teaching me, and for all the people You have put in my life that keep my eyes on You.  And thank You that You are Emmanuel ~ with me.

Love ~ Me

~ “In everything give thanks;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” ~

1 Thessalonians 5:18


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