I’m sure that I’m sure

“you may know the certainty

of the things you have been taught”

Luke 1:4



Take a good look at that verse up there; we’re gonna ponder it a little.  First look at that word certainty…. See it up there?  It’s a good word.  It’s just so… certain.  So firm and secure.  My dictionary says it “implies an absence of doubt, based upon a thorough consideration of evidence“.

Now, the word doubt means to fear or disbelieve, which doesn’t speak to me of God at all.  I cannot disbelieve God while I’m busy knowing that faith means being sure what I hope for, and certain of what I do not see.  And I cannot fear while knowing that God, who is perfect love, drives out fear.  So indeed, my certainty is based upon an absence of doubt.

But what about “a thorough consideration of evidence“?  My evidence is the Bible of course.  It is all the evidence I need.  And it is given to me that I might thoroughly examine it.  But He also gives us other evidence, in the form of pastors, authors, artists, friends, family and circumstances.  He is so gracious to know our hearts, and know when we need to be strengthened.  But of course, we cannot rely on the additional evidence.  For all these things are easily misinterpreted.  These are the seeds of doubt and fear.  Only the evidence that echoes His word is from Him.

Yes, the true evidence is His Word.  And my consideration of it must be thorough.  It isn’t enough to read it or study it or memorize it.  I must claim it and hide it in my heart.  This is what will keep me from sinning against Him.  ‘Cause what starts with doubt and fear will lead to disobedience.

If it make it my mission to study and know His word, for the purpose of knowing Him, then certainty will be mine.  If I have a teachable heart, then the things He teaches me are mine forever.  Plans to prosper me and not to harm me.  Plans to give me a hope and a future.  For He promises me I will see Him and find Him when I seek Him with all my heart.

And that, I know for certain.

bible b:w


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