Don’t just take care; give it!

{Originally published in February, 2011 ~ and it’s a nice memory for me!}


“Cast your cares on the Lord”

Psalm 55:22


For most of my life, I interpreted this verse to mean that we should give the Lord our anxieties, but when I became a mother, it took on a new meaning.  One of the definitions of a “care” is “an object of concern or attention.”  By that definition, anything that concerns one, or has one’s attention, is a “care”.   For a child, that’s pretty much everything.  From the moment they are born, they assume everyone within earshot is just as concerned about their feelings as they are.  Hungry, tired, wet, cold, gassy… in whatever way they’re not happy, they gonna let you know.  And generally speaking, their needs are then quickly tended to, which certainly supports their assumption…

As they get older, they continue to assume that whatever is important to them is automatically important to you.  Interrupting your shower to tell you their crayon is broken; interrupting your phone call to show you their drawing; interrupting your sleep to tell you they can’t find their blanket with the chickens on it, or their stuffed kitty…  Yup; both of those things happened to me.

Most mothers take these things very seriously.  I know I did.  I hastened to find a new crayon, ooh and aah over the drawing, and groggily pick up the blanket from behind the bed.   And frankly, unless I was really, really sleepy, I was happy to do it.  I saw it as my part of being a mom.  My kids are that important to me: if they care about something, so do I.  They cast their cares upon me, and I gladly accept.

Well, my sweet boy, who has been playing little-league baseball for years, is getting a shot at ice hockey this month.  It has never seemed the right time financially (equipment is expensive) but my hockey-loving hubby found a rink nearby that is offering four “learn to play” sessions that are free this month.  So my boy played last Saturday, and absolutely loved it.  Yesterday was his second time, so my husband suggested that I take him this week, so I could watch.  Well, my son was thrilled.  He must have said a dozen times, “I’m so excited that you get to see me play!”  I kind of laughed to myself every time he said it, wondering if he was happy for himself, that I’d be there with him, and instead of just enjoying hockey, he could be enjoying hockey and Mom.    Or was he happy for me, assuming it would be my joy to enjoy his joy?   I’ll bet, to him, it didn’t matter.  Because as far as he’s concerned, if he cares about it, I care about it.   And whichever he was thinking, he was right.  I had a wonderful time.  I loved watching him play.

I think this verse gives us a glimpse into how much the Lord loves us.  We really can give him our anxieties, and our concerns.  Philippians 4:6 tells us to not be anxious about anything, but to present our requests to God.   But that’s not all.  That should not be the extent of our relationship with Him.  James 1:17 says that every good and perfect gift is from above.   The Lord gives us gifts and experiences because He knows we will enjoy them.  How much more will we enjoy them if He’s part of it with us?  If we pray our appreciation to Him, and realize that the ability, or the opportunity is from Him.  How much would He love being included in the things that are important to us?

Share both your sorrows and your joys with Him.  He cares about your cares, because He cares about you.



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