Makes me wonder if my dog really is black and white

“it shall be made of gold and blue…”

Exodus 28:8



The dress.  Did you see it online?  I saw a headline, and asked my kids if they knew what it was about.  They did, and told me the story while I looked it up for myself.


If you don’t know the story yet, just google “What color is the dress?” to see for yourself.  And frankly, you have to see it for yourself.  No one else can see it for you.  The dress is blue with black lace, but in some photos it appears white with gold lace.


But not to everyone.  My kids see blue and black in all the photos; I see white and gold.  So does the Apple of my Eye.  And we’re not alone.  Some combination of lighting, or each person’s eyes, or each person’s brain, is determining what color the dress appears to be.


I didn’t know what to make of it at first.  My kids were swearing up and down that the dress was blue and black, but I knew what my eyes were seeing.  And even if you blame the lighting or the computer screen, my daughter and I were looking at the exact same thing, on the exact same screen, and seeing two different things.


And I thought to myself wryly, “This is why there will never be world peace.”  Which I was sort of joking about, but sort of not.  I mean, the truth is, people see things differently.  People see the same things differently.  It’s the reason for marital discord, racial unrest, and the inability of politicians to get along. 


Patience, understanding and communication are crucial.  As is the ability to believe that we’re not always right, even when it comes to things we’re absolutely certain of.  Or so we think.


~ “the wisdom of this world

         is foolishness with God.” ~

1 Corinthians 3:19


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