Passing it on

“they should celebrate yearly…”

Esther 9:21



So last night was my daughter’s 18th birthday party.  The kids played games and toasted marshmallows and ate spaghetti and cupcakes.  And they listened to music and took pictures at their homemade photo booth.


It all went very well.  Even the weather cooperated.  (#summerinmarch)  And I was glad for them.  They had worked very hard in the planning, and in bringing it about.  They made all the invitations themselves and did the shopping for the decorations and the food.  They made the cupcakes and the food, all in an effort to keep costs down, and give everything that personal touch.


The party was held at my folks’ house, and the girls were over there early to do the last of the decorating.  I didn’t come until a couple hours later, and as I drove over there, I wondered if they needed me to stop at the store for last minute things.  But I decided not to worry about it, cuz they were so organized, I knew they had everything covered.


I was proud of the girls for how well they did everything, and I kinda laughed to myself at how little I had been needed.  And I thought, her father and I were sort of like the Holy Spirit for her in this endeavor.  We gave her what she needed to accomplish everything (meaning the money and the gas to drive to the store, etc.)  We enabled her, in a way.


We were also, in some ways, her inspiration ~ giving her ideas and suggestions.  We’ve had a lot more experience at party-giving, after all.    And we gave her reminders of things to bring or do.  And we were encouragement and support for her, much as the Holy Spirit is for us.


The Holy Spirit guides us, empowers us, enables us, strengthens us, teaches us, reminds us… And when we do the same for one another, He is working through us.  Joy!



~ “If we love one another,

God abides in us,

and His love has been perfected in us.” ~

1 John 4:12


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