King? Maybe not so much…

“snakes of the earth”

Micah 7:17



This is a King Cobra.


king cobra eating snake


Eating a rat snake. 

Pleasant, yes?  But of course, it’s just nature being nature. 


The King Cobra is a fascinating creature.  One dose of its venom can kill 20 humans.  Impressive. 

I saw this picture in an old National Geographic.  And then I turned a few pages and saw this:




That’s a mongoose.  Eating a King Cobra.

The funny thing is, the magazine’s editors didn’t even acknowledge the close placement of these two photos.  But I wasn’t above appreciating the irony. 


So, today’s lesson?   1 Corinthians 10:12…


~ “Therefore, let him who thinks he stands

take heed, lest he fall.” ~


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